Defenders of Doesville Novelty Character Tee Shirts

Imagine a safe and special place where we can go anytime to play, meet wonderful people, compete, learn, create, learn about camaraderie, and just have pure fun. That’s what Doesville, USA is all about! This amazing place might be fictional, but I warmly welcome you to my favorite place in the whole world!

I am Dewey Does, aka Coach Does of the Defenders of Doesville, and just like millions of kids all over the world, I love playing outside and participating in a variety of sports activities. Our imagination can be as powerful as our physical strength and in this world, I get to do a lot of things beyond what the real world can offer. This dream world is a place of fun where everybody is a winner. No judgments, no worries, no fears, but a sanctuary of achievements and incomparable experiences that will help kids reach their ultimate dreams.


If you love sports as much as I do like golf, soccer, tennis, basketball, football, and so much more, then Doesville is where you should be. In this one-of-a-kind world, we get to do things that help us improve our cognitive abilities, decision-making skills, motor skills, mental health, teamwork, and character.

We win as we learn new things and these new learnings can lead us to greater heights as a person and as a part of a sports community.

At Doesville, we give nothing less than 110% in everything we like to achieve. 

There’s more to Doesville than you could imagine. You can also get to meet wonderful and brilliant characters including my friends Crossover, First Down, Ms. Love, Speedy, Fifth Gear, and others. You can learn so much from these strong, dedicated, kind, and passionate characters that you can apply in your real life.

Please come visit the marvelous world of Doesville with us. Enjoy our wide range of activities that you will surely enjoy including online sports games where you will be introduced to some amazing sports, puzzles, coloring pages, fun exercises, access to cool posters, and so much more!

But, Doesville has its enemies too. Always under attack by nemesis from north, south, east and west. From high and low, and from the water's edge. The Defenders of Doesville, are always on alert, using their superpowers to protect and maintain fun sports, health and fitness life for all kids of Doesville USA and around the world.

How many Defenders of Doesville sports characters can there be? Collect all your favorite Defenders of Doesville character tees today.

Stay inspirational novelty T shirt designs every week. "Coolest novelty tees," says, Dewey Does.