Finding Your Passion
June 25, 2023

The Audacity of Thought: Your Passion Will Find You

When life presents challenges, it's easy to feel disheartened. Yet, in these moments of adversity, a passion, like sports, can become a beacon, illuminating the path toward resilience. 

It's not about blindly chasing your passion; it's about allowing it to find you, shaping your character, and making life's journey an adventurous one. This is particularly crucial for young people as they navigate their formative years. Read on to find out all about finding your passion, and letting it find you.

Finding your passion isn’t always something that comes naturally

In our younger days, uncertainty often clouds our horizons. The question of what am I passionate about may feel daunting and elusive. This is where the audacity of thought comes into play, encouraging exploration and curiosity. When children delve into various activities, they open themselves up to a world of possibilities. Whether it's sports, arts, science, or any other field, it's through this exploration that passion often finds us.

Finding your passion can transform challenges into adventures

Passion is the fuel that drives us to push boundaries and strive for excellence, even in the face of adversity. When young people discover their passion, such as sports, they uncover a potent tool for confronting life's challenges. 

The discipline, resilience, and teamwork inherent in sports are transferrable skills that can be applied in all life arenas. Sports teach us that setbacks are not fatal but rather opportunities for growth and learning.

Letting our passion find us

When we allow our passion to find us, we learn to view obstacles not as roadblocks but as detours leading us to our intended path. The strength of character built through a passionate engagement in sports can empower young individuals to face any challenge head-on, transforming it into an adventure.

Encourage our kids to find their passion

Encouraging young people to find their passion doesn’t mean pressuring them into premature decisions. Instead, it's about cultivating an environment that promotes exploration, curiosity, and personal growth.

Let them try out different sports, join various clubs, and delve into different subjects. It's through these experiences, through trial and error, wins and losses, that their passion will ultimately find them.


Finding Your Passion

Just like Grandpa Does says to Dewey, your passion will find you

At Dewey Does, we believe that it’s not always about finding your passion, sometimes your passion will find you - and challenges will become adventures. Our passion is the health, fitness, happiness, and well-being of young people everywhere, and our mission is to inspire them to Dew 110% in everything they take on in life.

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