My Favorite

Many creators have their favorite. For example, their favorite line in a book they wrote, their favorite illustration in one of their books, or a favorite character in their stories. As a children's storybook author and creator of the Dewey Does brand, I have my favorite tee shirts from our novelty tee collection of quotes and styles, too. Quotes, some original, that have inspired me over the years just like I hope they inspire you. That Dewey Does 110% attitude to never give up and always give 110% at all times.  I call this the Dewey Does State-of-mind.

The Dewey Does State-of-mind is that passion that drives you to higher heights. The will to never give up on your dream. The unexplained accomplishments that only you can see in your mind where the idea begins to come together. Do you feel me? Can you see it? I know you can. Can you feel my passion? It's not the how can I do this, but the where do I begin? Your passion will find you and answer all your questions.

I'm in the Dewey Does State-of-mind right now. Do you feel me? Just like the tee shirt reads, 'I'm just warming up.' I hope to see you out there inspiring others with your favorite inspirational novelty t-shirt. If I do see you, that's a photo op with me and you.

Always #Dew110 with Team Does

Thomas Kinslow, Creator, Author & Founder

Dewey Does Foundation, Inc.