What does Dewey Does do?


Like any brand story, ours started with a Eureka moment. 

At eight years old, the son of Dewey Does creator Thomas M. Kinslow asked, “Dad, can I exercise with you?” That moment took Thomas back to his youth, filled with days of playing stickball all afternoon with his friends. No phone nor game console in hand. His son’s love for sports and that moment have become the seed that led to the creation of Dewey Does.

Dewey Does was created in 1999 as a simple way to inspire kids to be active and go outside to play. Our brand has introduced the “110% mantra” to encourage playing, reading, and bettering communities. Thomas even turned the mantra into a children’s book series called “Heroes Start as Kids,” using his talent for storytelling to build the world of Dewey Does. 

The brand’s popularity grew, and fans started asking, “What does Dewey Does do?” Now, the brand is an empowering symbol of youth sports, health, and fitness—and the new Dewey Does + Novelty Tee Shirt collection takes that messaging to the next level. Through kid’s sports shirts encouraging children to stay active in a digital era, we promote the cause of fighting childhood obesity through the Dewey Does Foundation. A percentage of each purchase helps other non-profits like youth baseball, football, basketball, cheerleading and other youth programs with shared interests in fighting childhood obesity and promoting the value of youth literacy nationwide. 

Learn more about what we do best by visiting www.deweydoes.comwww.deweydoes.org