“Heroes Start as Kids” Series

Want to learn more about the FREE books we give for every purchase of any two Dewey Does Novelty Tees? Here’s a snapshot of this amazing three-book children’s book series:

  • Dewey Does First Day: Book One
  • The first book in the series introduces us to the incredible main character, Dewey Does. He’s a young boy who loves to play and have fun with his friends. In this book, Dewey bravely takes on new challenges on his first day in the fourth grade. While he faces these tough challenges, he learns many valuable lessons about friendship, leadership, and teamwork. 

  • Dewey Does in the Groove: Book Two
  • In the second book, Dewey Does meets a new friend named Big Bang. Together with his new friend, Dewey takes on a new adventure, where he learns some important life lessons. More specifically, he learns a story that challenges the strength of his young heart. 

  • Dewey Does the Comeback: Book Three
  • This final installment of the “Heroes Start as Kids” series is a page-turning adventure that will excite young readers. For one, The Comeback introduces Tab Ramos as Dewey Does’ passionate soccer coach. But Dewey’s adventures go beyond the soccer field. Together with his friends, Dewey agrees to join a fun & game-filled sleepover at Big Bang’s house. 

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